Forgotten Your Life Goals?

Forgotten Your Life Goals?

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Never lose sight of your goals

First, understand that life goals are an outcome you want to achieve, a future you want to reach. As Tony Robbins has said many times, goals are not about having lots of green paper with pictures of dead presidents on them, they’re about what you want to do with your life once you have abundance.

Life goals don’t have to involve money, and they don’t necessarily need to be your bucket list – although that’s a good place to start. Life goals are about leaving a legacy; they are things you want to do, coupled with your values – who you want to be.

A framework for your life

Defined correctly by you and for you, your life goals become the framework you can use on a daily basis to make positive, productive choices for your life. Making those choices and sticking to them allows you to bend but not break when the storms hit you. That way you decide, you make the choice. Because even if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

You can never be all things to all people at all times. You must instead know who you are – how your actions align with your values and behaviors – and then you will be able to stay true to your life goals in any situation.


Write down your life goals. Take them out every day and review them. Compare your current weekly and monthly plans, and your recent activities, with your life goals. Ask the question, “Is what I’m doing aligned with my life goals?”. If not, reflect on why you made the choices you did, and what you can do in the future to stay more aligned with your life goals.

Recommended Frequency:

  • Every week – every day if possible

Expected Benefits

  • Planning
  • Happiness
  • Success – whatever your definition of success is

Clicking the button below will take you to a page where you can add a reminder to your calendar for Revisit Goals. You must have a Simple Daily Change account to set up calendar reminders.

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