Cranberry Juice and Psyllium

Cranberry Juice and Psyllium

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Cranberry juice and Psyllium gets the job done

The benefits of cranberries

Cranberries grow in North America in cool bogs. Native Americans were the first to use cranberries as food, and introduced them to starving English settlers in Massachusetts – which may have saved them during the first winters. Cranberries have been popular for wild harvesting for centuries, and were first farmed in America after the Revolutionary war.

Research is underway at the National Institutes of Health on the health effects of cranberries, including reduction in heart disease and yeast infections. There are also studies underway on the anti-aging effects of cranberries, and on lowering serum glucose levels in Type II Diabetics.

Cranberries by themselves are sour and nearly inedible, which is why most cranberries are consumed as juice. However, the highly sugared cranberry juices on the market interfere with the benefits – especially if you’re trying to cure a urinary tract infection! That’s why it’s important to drink 100% cranberry juice if you want any health benefits.

The benefits of Psyllium husks

Psyllium husks are an indigestible, soluble dietary fiber. They’re great for balancing hormones for women, and helps reduce blood sugar and insulin response. They especially help to improve bowel function. A lot. They’re the primary ingredient of Metamucil. Yet be careful and make sure you do not have a sensitivity to Psyllium, and be especially careful to drink plenty of additional water whenever you take Psyllium!

Alone, cranberry juice and Psyllium husks are both beneficial, but not something you’d consume on a regular basis. Taken together, you get the dietary fiber you need along with all the benefits of cranberries. However, it can taste rather nasty if you’re use to sweetened cranberry juice. If you’re already use to diluted 100% cranberry juice, then you won’t need any sweetening. If not, you might want to add some Stevia to the mixture and stir it up before you drink it down.


Mix 1 ounce of 100% pure cranberry juice, 7 ounces of water and 1 teaspoon of Psyllium husks (and Stevia if necessary). Drink it all down. Follow immediately with 8 ounces of plain water, as you do not want to get dehydrated after drinking Psyllium husks. As part of a cleansing diet, you can also use diluted blackstrap molasses instead of cranberry juice.

Recommended Frequency:

  • Every morning.

Expected Benefits

  • Hormonal balance (for women)
  • Estrogen dominance (for women)
  • Hot flash relief (for women)
  • Lower cholesterol (everyone)
  • Better regularity (everyone)
  • Cleansing (everyone)

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3 Responses to Cranberry Juice and Psyllium

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  2. Joyce Reply

    April 15, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    Hello, what does estrogen dominance mean, is that a good thing? I am a 47 yo female and I would like to try this for all of the expected benefits, but the “estrogen dominance” concerns me.

    Thank you.

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