About Us


My name is Sara Chambers-Moss. I’m a mother of four children. My husband and I moved our family from Portland, Oregon to the Los Angeles area 13 years ago. Wherever I’ve lived, I’ve been a soccer mom, drama mom, tennis mom, figure skating mom, violin mom, swimming mom, art mom, church mom, choir mom – you name it, I’ve mom’d it.

I started this site because keeping myself and my family healthy when we were always on the go was too big of a challenge. My family and I are doing great now, but our life hasn’t always been a bowl of organic cherries. But I couldn’t just stop and overhaul our whole life when something wasn’t working – and there was a lot of stuff about our health that wasn’t working!

I’ve suffered from migraines most of my adult life. I’ve been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, carpal tunnel, multiple chemical sensitivity and low thyroid function. I overcame them all through diet, exercise and supplements. Then just when I got it all together for myself, I started navigating through menopause!

To get to the bottom of my health issues, I had myself tested for food sensitivities. It turned out that much of what I’d been suffering from was a result of my diet. For example, it turned out that eating even a tiny amount of garlic triggered my migraines; I miss garlic but I don’t miss those migraines!

I had my children and husband tested for food sensitivities. We discovered that all of them had gluten intolerance; one of them even had borderline Celiac disease. It was overwhelming at first, but it eventually inspired me to build a diet and supplement program around our collective food issues so all of us could be healthy and happy and still eat great-tasting food.

Not all of the changes we’ve made in our lives have revolved around diet changes; that was just the start, once the fog cleared from our diet issues. We have all worked on changing many different aspects of our lives. Yet none of these changes happened overnight.

Over many years – through trial and error and experimentation and reading through hundreds of books, articles and web sites – I became convinced that I could only make small changes on a daily basis to keep everyone healthy, happy and productive. I found I could add a new change for myself or my family every 2 or 3 days, then add another, and repeat that process up to a point where I couldn’t add any more changes without one dropping off. That usually took around 3 weeks. Then I would focus on that set of changes for another week until the set became a routine.

This process has worked so well for me and my family that I wanted to share it with everyone! My original idea was to have a set of index cards, each with a simple daily change, and then combine different cards into different programs. Luckily my husband is a software guru, so he talked me out of the index card idea and helped me put this site together with simple daily changes, programs and calendar reminders.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, not all pictures are! I’ve looked at thousands of photos from around the web to find the ones worth a thousand words to illustrate each simple daily change.

Simple Daily Change has lots of suggestions for positive change, and I’ll be adding new changes all the time. Each one of these changes can easily be added to your calendar of choice so you can be reminded to do them. I only ask that you register on the site as a member in order to use the reminder system.

I know that even positive change can be overwhelming if you try too much at one time. I suggest you start with just one change that makes sense to you, and repeat it every day or as recommended. Keep in mind that most changes take 21 to 30 days to become habits.

Once you have made a few simple daily changes, you may want to try one of my programs – combinations of multiple simple daily changes – that help you toward a specific goal, such as Wellness or Weight Loss.

I hope this site will be helpful for you. I’m always looking for suggestions on how to make it even more helpful.

Enjoy and change yourself!